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BiNW SMART boards for Education

Better learning through SMART technology

SMART board solutions are easy to implement in the classroom for both students and teachers. SMART boards are well suited for elementary education classes as well as college courses.

Instructors enjoy a flexible way to present lessons and value new ways to interact with students. It is easy to write, save and share classroom presentations and notes with every student in the class.  Easy to use software ensures adoption from students and instructors. Using technology in news ways creates a cost-effective way to share knowledge that benefits everyone and drives performance that benefits schools.

  • Learn Faster
  • Achieve Goals
  • Save Money
  • Earth Friendly

SMART Learning is winning

When lessons come to life for students, everybody wins.  SMART boards for education allow classroom learning to become hands-on-interactive.  Educators and students both win with these innovative, easy-to-use tools.  Why? Interactive works!  

  • Research shows students learn faster and retain more when interactive learning is used in classrooms.*
  • SMART boards drive interactive learning, making learning more engaging (and more fun!)
  • SMART boards create inclusive learning environments for students and teachers by immersing them in the lesson.
  • SMART boards emphasize collaborative learning and the value of team projects, educational practices that are more important now than ever before.

*Interactive learning triples students’ gains in knowledge as opposed to when measured by other kinds of conceptual tests.  Harvard Magazine, “Twilight of the Lecture”, Craig Lambert, March-April 2012